Biking Home to Success

bicycling-to-workToday I learned something really cool about my job: You get paid bonus money to use alternative forms of transportation.

Let me go back a week though. Last week, I was wondering how I could save money by driving my truck less. It is an inefficient commuting machine, although it’s great at driving me out to the lake for a weekend of fun on the water. I thought about riding my bike to work. It’s just under 9 miles one way, uphill for about 95% of the route. While it’s feasible for someone with much more experience biking, and with an efficient road-centric bike, to me it seemed out of reach. I eventually dismissed it as impossible, and started day-dreaming about an e-Bike that would propel me up the hills without much effort on my part so I could arrive at work not covered in sweat. While an e-Bike would be cool, they are expensive. I could build my own from a kit, but I didn’t really want to mess with my perfectly functional bike’s current state. I may consider it in the future, but for now it’s off the table. We’re trying to save money, not blow more on something like this. (more…)