Saving Money by Saving Power

moneyelectricityLiving in California, electricity is a big part of a lot of people’s utility costs. Recently, in our attempt to become more frugal, and start saving money, we’ve started taking notice of little things like the electric bill. For as long as Alex and I have been together, the electric bill has just been something that we pay at the end of the month, and otherwise don’t think about it. Now that we are trying to be more frugal, it was ripe for trimming to remove excess fat. Having lived in a house with my parents where the average monthly electric bill was an insanely high $400, I thought we were already doing well when we moved in together by having a bill under $100. That was a significant cut and it was mostly attributable to the fact that two people on the same work schedule simply don’t use the same amount of electricity as a household with five people living in it. But now, I am realizing that even a bill that low is pretty high for two people.